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Since America has upped their gay game in 2015, couples everywhere finally have the opportunity to make it official and enjoy the benefits of legal marriage.


I want to help you celebrate love without any added worry. I am experienced in creating 2 custom looks and not spilling any style beans. Gay weddings typically require 2 set ups, one for each getting ready location and two timelines. I have you covered!

Cheriene Galley's natural glam makeup bride review san diego bridal makeup artist lgbtq friendly makeup artist

As an androgynous queer woman who wore a suit to my wedding, seeing a makeup artist on the day-of wasn't in my plans. But my now-wife met with Cheriene to schedule getting her makeup done, and after a casual conversation about it I got brave and asked her to do mine too. I was nervous, worried that she might add feminine touches I wasn't comfortable with. But Cheriene was AMAZING. She understood the look I was going for (smooth skin & photogenic face, no lipstick or fake lashes or anything) without me needing to go in depth about it, asked a few clarifying questions to be sure, and then did her thing. Her skills are versatile, as my wife got the traditional feminine look and she looked amazing too. I highly recommend Cheriene for anyone who wants their face to look good, and wife & I can personally vouch that she's a good choice for queers, femmes and androgynous people. Really anyone who wants their makeup artist to make them feel like a star.


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