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How To Pack Beauty Products In A Carry-On.

If you're anything like me you hate the delay of packing anything more than a carry-on. When I'm flying I want the experience to be as efficient as possible. It's almost like a game to me. How little can I live off and still look fabulous? Here are some of my tips for travelling:

1. Streamline your supply.

Bring products that can perform double duty such as highlighter as an eyeshadow, brow product as an eyeliner and take advantage of cream products that can be used for lips, eyes and cheeks etc... Resist the novelty products or clothing items you've been meaning to wear. You'll never wear it. Leave it. Better yet, donate it. Learn from the experience and move on. This is why I remind myself to think about every purchase I make. Let's not be consumed by consumerism. End rant.

2. Travel size it.

When flying, the TSA requires you to have 100ml / 3.4oz of liquid or less. That doesn't mean you can take a big bottle that's almost empty. You can't cheat this system. Keep and reuse hotel shampoo bottles and try packing multi-use products such as Dr.Bronners Castle Soap. That's great as a body wash, face wash and even a shampoo! Avoid decanting products into clear label-less containers. There is a chance it will get tossed. Cruise the travel section of your local drugstore to find mini sized products, perfect for travel. Add all your liquids into a 1 quart Ziploc bag. Pack that last into your carry-on and for added brownie points you can pull the bag out and put it in a bin on the belt during your security check ...Or leave it in the bag like me.

Pro tip: Ask your salon if they can give you shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and skin care samples!

3. Secure it!

We've all been there, our favorite compact broke or altitude has gotten the better of our foundation. If it has a pump, your best bet it is to throw it in a small Ziploc. If it's a pressed compact or shadow try using a cotton ball or cosmetic round to secure the product before snapping the lid shut.

4. Storage.

Invest in a makeup bag that works for you. Think of your needs. Will you be able to unpack where you're going? A simple bag for transport may be all you need. Or are you sharing your space? You may want to look for a bag that hangs off the door or a bag that has lots of compartments to keep you organized. Whatever your needs, remember to find a makeup bag that is easy to clean. I like mine machine washable. Another option is having a bag that's lined with plastic that is easy to wipe out.

Pro tip: Go for a makeup bag smaller than you initially desired. This will detour you from over packing and keep your makeup snug to reduce the chance of breaking.

As a Makeup Artist I bring my brushes, not all of them but just enough to get by. I usually opt for a large synthetic angle or flat-top brush for blending my moisturizer, SPF and foundation. Next I pack a medium sized powder brush for powder, blush and bronzer. Then one fluffy eyeshadow brush like a MAC 217, an angled brush for perfecting brows and winged gel liner and last, a concealer brush.

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